target tuesday - glute and hamstring workout

Target Tuesday

Yep, time for another Target Tuesday!

I’d like to use this week’s Target Tuesday to challenge you to conquer your fear of the winter cold, get outside and go for a walk or a run. Even a short run will do. One mile. Or, 30 minutes.

Seriously. Layer up and get out there. I wear Under Armour’s Coldgear Infrared┬álong sleeve and leggings on my runs with just a hooded sweatshirt as a top layer, and I’m usually too hot by the end of the run. I highly recommend this apparel if you’re in the market for some winter gear. The best part about this ColdGear is it can be worn as layering for other winter activities, such as downhill skiing and snowboarding, or cross country skiing. But, I digress. Regardless of what you have to wear; however, my point is it really won’t be as cold as you imagine it to be, because if you challenge yourself, push yourself, you’ll end up sweating even in 30 degree weather.

Here’s a tip on how to stay even warmer, and add in an extra glute and thigh work. Find a hill and conquer it over and over again. Run up and down at a steady pace – encouraging yourself on the way up and allowing yourself to relax on the way down. I’m fortunate enough to have a rather large group of hills right outside my driveway, but check your local parks or the next street over for the hill that might challenge you.

I’ve found that with the right layering and the right path, you can actually learn to enjoy winter running or walking. And, lately it’s been a great stress reliever. Why? Because the mind can’t think about anything else but staying warm – keeping up a good pace to maintain body heat – or getting home to the warm – only a few more miles or minutes to go.

Give it a chance, and let me know how it goes!

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