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Two Quick and Delicious Dinners You Won’t Be Disappointed You Tried

Some women love shopping for clothes. Others love picking out a fantastic new pair of earrings. Me? I love grocery shopping. Especially when that grocery shopping includes a trip to Trader Joe’s.

I don’t do our regular grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s because I prefer to go to markets where I can get locally grown fruits and vegetables. I do; however, go to Trader Joe’s to stock up on frozen items for those nights that I just don’t feel like cooking. This includes both frozen fish – which means James is cooking on the grill 🙂 – and frozen pastas, veggie burgers, etc. that I can quickly throw into a frying pan.

Slowly, but surely each time I go to Trader Joe’s I find myself starting to grab for more and more regulars – dark chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, ginger mints, black bean pasta, marinated mushrooms. Two of those regulars fall under the easy dinner, frozen food category:

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter and Sage

Mushroom Ravioli with Mushroom Truffle Sauce

OH. MY. GOSH. Both of these pastas just absolutely wowed us. There were definitely some subtle eye battles at the dinner table over who was going to get the last of what was still in the pan. So packed with flavor, and so satisfying – especially with a large leafy green side salad – I hope these two items never get discontinued or there will certainly be tears in our house.

Share your favorite Trader Joe’s find in the comments! It always seems they have another well-kept secret around the next grocery isle, and we don’t want to be missing out, so please share.