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target tuesday: total body

Target Tuesday: Total Body

Hey guys!

I’m sorry there was no weekend recap post this week – but there really wasn’t much to write home about. A pretty bad migraine took me out for most of it, and the rest was spent wandering through antique shops with James to find some necessities and not-so necessities for our new home (which we get the keys to this week!).

Anyways, after a pretty lazy weekend, we got right back to it with an at-home mountain climber workout. It’s been snowing nonstop here, so there haven’t been many opportunities to get in our cardio outside. I thought for sure I was going to get out this morning – especially with my new running gear (review coming soon) – but, I would have needed some snow shoes just to make it a mile down the road. That’s why having a workout like this one is great – it doesn’t require any equipment and it can be done anywhere.

So, here’s the gist. Complete each set of mountain climbers for 1 minute. Between each set, choose any type of cardio you’d like to perform for 1 minute. I listed a few ideas to get you started, but really the options are endless. You could even just keep it plain and simple with jumping jacks between each set of mountain climbers.

Enjoy the burn!

mountain climber workout

mountain climbers- inside angle
Mountain Climbers – Inside Angle


mountain climbers - wide
Mountain Climbers – Outside Angle