See You in the Spring

Friends and family of the blog,

I should have written this letter a few weeks ago, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what to say, let alone even sitting down to do this “dirty” task.

As most of you can relate to, the older and older we get, the shorter the days seem to become, and “there’s just no time!” The truth, usually, is that there IS time, we just need to decide how to best allocate it. Or, as my pastor described last Sunday, we need to build “margins” into our lives.

So, I’ve decided to build “margins” into my life for quality time with my husband, for learning, for meditation, and quite frankly for enjoying the little things, like Saturday hikes and Sunday doughnuts.

I’ve recently decided to purse a new business venture – something I’m so excited about, something I’m so passionate about, something that finally fulfills my mission in life and in work (This book was a huge help, by the way). That venture has been eating away at the precious little time I have. In order to maintain the margins and be successful in my new pursuit, I have to let something else go.

Unfortunately, that something is this blog. But, I’m just not ready to let it go altogether.

Once my new business is up and running smoothly, I’ll be back to once again share the highs and lows in my kitchen and in my fitness routine. Thank you to all of those who have supported the growth of this blog thus far.



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