Making Time For Hobbies

Hello, hello.

Wow, what a weekend we had. I mean wow what a week. We were go-go-go every day after work. We saw so many friends and family. It was fantastic.

Except it wasn’t fantastic for this blog. I’ve found more and more that this blog suffers when my life prospers. When I’m off doing the things I really love, there’s simply no time for stopping at the computer. Don’t get me wrong – I love sharing with you guys. But, now I understand why so many blogs fail. They really and truly require many hours of work. It’s not all taking pretty pictures and sharing stories.

I’m also finding that the older I get the more hobbies and activities I want to fill my day with. Why can’t someone just pay me to be a 50’s housewife, so I can fill my days with the hobbies that bring me the most joy?!

I want to do so much more of what these past few weeks have been filled with.

I want to celebrate more with family, (that’s my brother Sean. He just graduated from college. And…he’s in a band.)


and splurge more with friends.


I want to ride my bike down more country roads,


and attend more local festivals. IMG_2248

I want to bake more breads, ferment more veggies, ice more cakes and try more new foods (Those are lentil croquettes from a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio called Fire and Drink)!


But, most of all I want to make more cheese. Ok, here’s the story…

James and I joined a herdshare. As part of this herdshare, we visit a local farm every week to pet the goats and pick up our share of their milk. The goat milk has been great in morning coffee, oatmeal and plenty of baked goods. But, I’m ready to take it up a notch – to cheesemaking! Yep, I made my first cheese, a chevre, and I’m hooked. I can’t wait to make cheddar, brie, mozzarella – you name it!

Instead of attempting to make the chevre on my own, I asked the woman who cares for the goats to walk me through the process. Cheesemaking is not like cooking or baking. It is science. So, to begin, I got a science lesson on the making of cheese.


This is the aftermath of the actual cheese making session. We nibbled on a little bit of a cheese that had already been made while our recently made cheese was beginning to set in the pot.


After allowing the cheese to drain for close to 10 hours, and letting it sit in the refrigerator for three days, I was dying to taste it. The tasting itself was an event. We poured some wine, salted the cheese together and took our first bite.


Every day after, the cheese kept gaining more and more flavor. It was just about perfect when we had family in town, so I whipped up some mini appetizers, pairing the goat cheese with fig and jalapeno strawberry jelly.


So, there you have it. If you’re waiting around for days for a new post it’s because I’m busy making cheese :).


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