Making Candles

If there’s one thing I don’t mind spending money on, it’s candles. Although, I still do browse around for a deal; I’d buy a candle in Marshalls before I’d buy one from a Yankee Candle store.

I like to light one or two just about every night to make the living room feel a little cozier.

We recently went to The Candle Lab to make our own candle! Although it was a short experience, it was still a fun one. The best part was picking out the different scents to mix.

Our list was obviously an explosion of holiday scents. We were told we could pick three to combine. It was an incredibly difficult task, but we eventually narrowed it down to hot cocoa, whipped cream and hazelnut.


They gave us the three scent bottles and let us pour a combination of the three we thought best. We went heavy on the hot coca with just a touch of whipped cream and hazelnut – just like making a drink 🙂


We were also given a small sticker to make a label for the top of the candle. I chose to write Merry Christmas! on ours and stick it on James coat, like a button, instead.  During the hour it took for the candle to set, we walked around a small town and eventually wandered into a paper store that still had some old printing presses set out for a holiday celebration. So, we printed ourselves this little tree ornament and then sat down to color in the bulbs. There were many small eyes wondering why big people were stealing their crayons.


Our candle was all wrapped up for us and now waits for the larger candle before it on our coffee table to burn out, so it can start its glory days of filling our home with the sweet smell of hot cocoa. I can’t wait for that smell that reminds me of coming inside from building a snowman or a snow fort, peeling off layers of soggy clothes (remember overall snow pants?!), and settling in with a pile of marshmallows and a little bit of hot chocolate to warm my hands.


We really enjoyed ourselves, and I’d definitely recommend this activity as a way to mix up a date night or spend an afternoon away from the television.

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