Healthy Eating Tips for Vacation

Hello friends!

I’m checking in after a fantastic family vacation on Burt Lake (it’s near Lake Michigan). The vacation was filled with water activities, island biking, and obviously tons of great food.

Now let me tell you…vacations are THE WORST for foodie versus fitness gals like me. We want to just gorge ourselves with tons of food and blame it on vacation, but we know we’re tougher than that, so we yank ourselves out of bed early and we run. Yes, we run. Even though we’re on vacation.

There are other ways; however, to stay active on vacation. For example, when we took a day trip to Mackinac Island, we rented bikes and rode around for miles and miles taking in the sites and swerving around all the “slow” families.


After a little exercise, we walked down Main Street in search of treats. The boys chose to treat themselves with island cigars. I chose to treat myself with a little bit of island fudge. Chocolate sea salt caramel fudge that is.


We went out for dinner just about every night on this trip. When going out to dinner, making healthy choices can take a lot of will power. I try to stick to the large salad or seafood options, only have one glass of wine, and choose between having the bread, appetizers or desserts. Another great way to cut back is to share! So when the bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer comes out, just have one, and then split the after-dinner tiramisu with the person sitting next to you. Many of our dinners ended this way. Just a few aunts, uncles or cousins would order a slice of cake, and then the plates would get passed around the table of 20 so everyone could have a small bite of sweet.

Yet another tip – and an incredibly simple tip, I might add – is just to slow down and really try to listen to your stomach telling you when it’s full. Avoid the feeling of being uncomfortably stuffed by allowing your stomach and your mind the time to communicate. Focus on the dinner conversations and the company around you instead of the food.

Of course the best way to make healthy choices on vacation is to cook for yourself. Not only are you in charge of your portion sizes and the integrity of your calories, but also you get to spend quality time with family. I had a really hard job during the making of the last night’s dinner – shake the pepper and drink wine 🙂 .


Having the willpower to eat healthy on vacation isn’t just reserved for eating out. Even when we ate at home, the temptation was everywhere. Should I have pie for dessert? The french silk or the berry? Or, should I wait to have a s’more later by the fire?

I ended up choosing to have a small slice of pie, and let the s’mores torment me for hours later. That plate seriously would not stop whispering my name!


My trick is to try and focus on other things – like my brother’s guitar playing for example. If I’m singing along to his tunes, I can’t be stuffing my face with s’mores. Or, the beautiful the lake out in front of us. If I’m taking pictures of the sun setting, I can’t be licking excess gooey marshmallow off my hands.


Find something else to rest your mind on and meditate on it. If you let your mind get lost in the other great parts of vacation, you might be able to make it home feeling great instead of feeling like you need to hit the gym or the veggie isle of the grocery store.

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