Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

The older and older we get, the harder it becomes to hold onto the magic of the holidays. This year, James and I have been making a solid effort to get into the Christmas spirit. The easiest way to do this of course is to keep our car radios set on Cleveland’s Christmas music station, so that every time we get in the car we can bop along with the jingles. But, we’ve also been getting into some other activities that definitely might be worth adding to your own winter bucket list.

This past Thursday, we attended a town square Christmas tree lighting. It was pretty cold outside, so our first stop when we got to the square was the free hot apple cider stand. They were warming gallons of cider in a cauldron over the fire. Pretty cool. We stood with hundreds of other families waiting for the park to come alive with lights, enjoying some caroler’s tunes and bouncing around so our limbs would stay warm.


At the same time the lights came on, Santa and Mrs. Clause came around the square in their horse driven sleigh. Swarms of children ran across the park towards the sleigh screaming out his name. In that moment, you could definitely feel the magic of Christmas emanating from all the children who didn’t give a darn about cold noses and fingers. Because SANTA. WAS. HERE. And, they were going to get to meet him. We endured our own cold noses and toes a little while longer to soak up some of the kids’ smiles and excitement.


Friday night we continued the holiday festivities with some winter beer, a pizza and everyone’s favorite holiday movie, Elf. James brought home a whole assortment of winter beers to try, but I still haven’t found the one that I’ll be looking forward to every year. I naturally lean towards darker beers – chocolatey, coffee flavored porters – so you’d think I’d be all over the winter ales and winter warmers, but nothing has quite hit the spot. I’m not too concerned, as I know my father-in-law makes a killer eggnog. That alone is enough for me to get excited about in the drink department each year. Mmm. Mmm. Good.


Saturday, James and I walked to breakfast one last time. Next weekend, we move out of the city and into the suburbs, so walking to our favorite restaurants for brunch and dinner will be a thing of the past.


Lucky’s Cafe was all cozily decked out for the holidays.


We started off with some hand warmers – a honey latte for me and a Papa Mocha for James.


Check out that stack of whipped cream!


They definitely pay attention to all the decorative details at this place. A lovely little touch.


Then we shared a breakfast burrito. One of the things I love about this little cafe is that the ingredients are all locally sourced. So, every bite of this dish tasted so fresh and had such a wonderful combination of flavors.


The foodie in me wanted to top off our breakfast with a pastry, but fitness quickly shut her down. Instead, we walked a little over a mile to Cleveland’s West Side Market.


We grabbed some more warmers to enjoy as we walked around the market. A peppermint mocha for James and banana nut flavored coffee for me. A holiday rock band provided some entertainment as we browsed all of the market stands freshly stocked with meats, breads, veggies, sweets – you name it – for the hundreds of wide eyed shoppers preparing their tables for the holiday season.

All in all it was a wonderful holiday weekend! Hope you’re getting into the Christmas spirit too!

Question: What’s your favorite thing to do during the holiday season?

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