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Things I’m Loving Lately IV

Time for another round-up of the things I’m loving lately. Feel free to follow along in the comment section by sharing some of your favorites as of late – especially if they’re related to food or fitness ūüôā



Snap Pea Snacking

This was my go-to snack the last time I was completing a 21 day sugar detox challenge. I don’t know why I ever stopped eating them, because they’re great just the way they are and they make great dippers! A little bit of natural sweetness and a little bit of crunch = perfect snack.



Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Toner

I love this stuff for the simple fact that you spray it on your face instead of having to use a cotton pad. After washing my face, and spraying on this toner, I feel totally refreshed. Working out in the morning, this is key for me because I swear I’m still sweating even after a shower. Urgh. Plus, the added orange smell brightens up the morning.



Long Sleeve Under Armour

I bought this zip jacket because it had two great road biking features: bright color and large rear pocket for phone. Now, I want like 237672 more of this same jacket because its so incredibly soft! But, when I tried to find a link to this jacket on the Under Armour website to share with you, I couldn’t find it. So, if anyone has any recommendations for other great long sleeve fitness gear, please leave a comment and let me know.


Shopping for New Booties

I haven’t done much shopping since we’ve been saving up for big kid purchases like cars and a home and the like. So, shopping around for some new boots this season has been fun. Although, on the reverse side, I’ve been reminded how ridiculously expensive some things can be. Right now these Alfani boots in the nut color are the top pick.




Savoring the Last Few Months of City Living

James and I are soon to be homeowners, so we’re trying to make the most of all that we take for granted in our city apartment – like our favorite drool-worthy pizza from Edison’s (obviously, this was before my no-sugar endeavor). One of the great things about this pizza place is that they put a few packets of honey inside the pizza box so you can dip your crust and have a little dessert.


Things I’m Loving Lately III

I apologize for being MIA yesterday ( I know I still owe you a tabouli recipe!), but it was my husband’s birthday, so I wanted to turn off all screens and spend some time with him.

Anyways, here’s the things I’m loving this week, and of course first on the list is…




The foodie has definitely been winning over fitness lately. There are too many goodies that come with fall – pumpkin this and pumpkin that, apple crisp, Halloween candy. So, eating a big bowl of fresh veggies almost every day for lunch this week was really refreshing.



Pumpkin Cliff Bars

I normally try to stay away from Cliff Bars because of their sugar content, but this one would just not stop staring at me, so I had to try it! I was definitely sucked in by the different packaging. Marketing wins again! Anyways, this was a great little treat full of fall spice flavor that paired really well with an afternoon pick-me-up coffee at the office.



Espresso Balsamic

I poured this over some roasted veggies and chicken this week. mmm. mmm. mmm. It definitely added a nice hint of sweetness, and I can’t wait to see how else I might be able to use this balsamic in the kitchen.



Fall Hikes

Hiking is one of my favorite forms of exercise. I’ve been trying to get out to a park at least one night a week and once on the weekends. Not only is it a great form of exercise, but also being surrounded by nature is a great stress reducer. And for the sports fans, I’ll say hiking on the weekend before we sit down on the couch to watch football, drink pumpkin beer and snack, helps to relieve some of the foodie guilt.

Things I’m Loving Lately II

It’s been an exhausting week filled with long work hours and stressful house hunting, but I’ve still found time to enjoy the little things. So, here’s a short list of what I’m digging lately.



Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee

I thought as soon as fall hit, I’d have no problem finding pumpkin coffee at the grocery store. But, no. I had to search high and low for this stuff. The grocery stores in our area either a) didn’t have pumpkin flavors at all, or b) were completely sold out of it. So, when I finally got my hands on this bag, I was so excited! Home brewed pumpkin coffee definitely spices up the mornings and gives me something to look forward to getting out of bed for.

Extra fun fact: I use the same coffee cup every morning. It’s from my aunt’s collection of coffee cups. After I raved about how much I loved her mugs because they were so large and so soft, I found myself unwrapping one on Christmas. Needless to say, this sacrifice from her cupboard was well worth it.




The perfect snack. The perfect after-dinner sweet. Just perfect.



Fall Decorations

Our apartment is pretty small, so there wasn’t much room for a lot of decor. Just these few perks here and there though have helped to cozy the place up.



Cleveland Skyline Morning Runs

While I’m not too happy that it keeps getting darker and darker on my morning runs, nothings going to stop me from getting that morning rush. It can be a little scary sometimes, but hey that makes you run faster and push yourself right? Plus, I run right into this amazing view and am reminded of how great a city I live in. Sorry the picture quality’s not so great, but I mean, I told you it was dark out.





Growing up with two brothers, I spent almost as much time playing with Hotwheels and watching superhero cartoons as I did playing with Barbies. So, I’m really excited about this new Netflix show James and I started watching. It¬†has a childhood memory sort of charm to it.

Things I’m Loving Lately

Check in every Friday for a “Things I’m Loving Lately” ¬†post. As I mentioned in my welcome post, I’ve been reading health and wellness blogs for years. A few of my favorite bloggers write these types of posts, and I’ve found them to be the best way to get to know the bloggers behind the blog. So, I hope they don’t mind me borrowing their style as I help you get to know me better the first month of my blog.

So, diving right in, here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately.

Coconut LaCroix


The Coconut LaCroix gave the Apricot a run for its money. Check out these 21 Things Everyone Obsessed With LaCroix Knows To Be True. They really are all true.


Eggs with feta cheese and olive muffalata on the side


My “something on the side” of eggs started with ketchup. Then I discovered the wonders of cottage cheese and eggs. But when olives came into the picture, the cottage cheese was quickly kicked to the curb. I didn’t even look back. I think what I love is the saltiness of the muffalata¬†with the eggs. mmm. mmm. mmm.


The Day Designer


Why? Because it’s just so pretty. And, I guess because it’s helped me to become more organized. I’m a list maker. Always making to-do list on top of to do list. Now, they’re all in one place.


Fall Candles


I used to always go straight for Yankee Candle’s Pumpkin Pie scented candle, but I’ve recently found a new favorite: Sage. You have to try it.


I Love You Because


Tensions are high in the Wineland apartment as we search for our first home together. This board is a great simple reminder¬†as we leave the house each day to also leave the stress behind. And, sometimes we get a little silly with it – who doesn’t love to laugh?