My name is Hannah.


I’ve always been body conscious, and I always will be, no matter how confident in my shape I may now seem.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for years because I find passion in all things health and fitness. As part of this passion, I love experimenting with new workouts and meal plans. Each time I’ve tried something new, such as working out twice a day or cutting out complex carbs, I’ve received the same response: “Why are you trying that? You’re already skinny.” I’m not trying to lose weight; I’m trying to be healthy and happy. So, after hearing those words for the hundredth time, this blog finally came to be.


Why Foodie Versus Fitness?

I spent my teenage years running on the elliptical – because I was afraid of looking silly trying to lift weights – and attending group fitness classes – because I wasn’t motivated to create my own workouts. Later in my 20s, when I finally found the courage to give weight lifting a try and mixed it into my cardio routine, I loved the way I felt, and I fell in love with fitness.

Even with this newfound love, my body shape remained the same because plain and simple – I still loved food a little more than I loved fitness. So, I decided to try something radical – I broke up with sugar. And, I immediately saw a change in my shape.

Now this blog is a place to experiment with even more radicals. Maybe I’ll try Cross Fit. Maybe I’ll run another half-marathon, or try different types of yoga. Maybe I’ll bake with nut flours and cook PALEO. As motivation is what I struggle with most, I hope my health and fitness journey will be motivation for you to carry out your own.


About Foodie Versus Fitness

My goal for this blog is to entertain and inspire other health and fitness enthusiasts (or, soon to be enthusiasts) with the resources to live a well-balanced life.

Along the way you’ll get to know my husband James and our little cat family. You’ll learn a little about my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. You’ll get healthy, clean-eating recipes and some chances to splurge. You’ll get ideas for mixing up your workouts and staying motivated.

Everything I share is based on these beliefs.

I believe in* :


  • Overcoming The Blerch
  • A combination of strength training, cardio and healthy foods
  • Keeping fitness fresh by mixing up workout types
  • Fun workouts, like hiking, kayaking and biking, count


  • Filling the kitchen with real food
  • Buying organic and local when possible
  • Fat is good for you – good fats like avocado, nuts, meat, butter and a bite of bacon – and sugar is toxic
  • Breaking up with bread and thinking of dairy as a condiment
  • Looking at the integrity of calories, not the number


  • Treating myself to the occasional scoop of ice cream or cupcake and day or two of not working out

*Adapted from The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman, M.D. & Danielle Claro