Balancing Cookie Eating with At-Home Workouts

So, I’ve got a plan together for baking this season. Now, the question becomes what am I going to do to be sure I’m keeping a healthy balance between all the cookie eating and working out in this frigid weather?

The great wrench in this mix is that I’ll also be giving up my gym membership when we move out of the city at the end of this week.

I started researching gyms in the suburb we’re moving to and quickly found they were far and few between. Even worse, most of them had terrible reviews regarding uncleanliness and unbearable shower conditions. After reading several of these nasty reviews, I quickly gave up on the gyms and turned to studios offering other specialties like yoga and barre. While I love these types of classes, they can be hard on the budget.

So, I ultimately decided to give at-home workouts a try for a while! I hope to blog about my progress, my highs and lows and provide recommendations for anyone else who might be interested. On the surface it sounds like a great idea, right? No time wasted driving to the gym. But, I’m sure the greatest challenge will be pushing myself to the max during EVERY work out.


I’m setting this goal for myself (before the new year even starts!), and I’ll need you to help hold me accountable: Complete 45 minutes of at-home strength and conditioning work three times per week. Run for 30 minutes three times per week (I’m hoping a pair of YakTrax will help to alleviate fears of falling on all the ice and snow in northeastern Ohio). 

Here are my current favorite resources for at-home workouts:

Body Building

Muscle & Fitness

And, some free YouTube channels I’m interested in trying:



If you have suggestions for at-home workouts or love something you’re currently doing to stay fit this winter, please share in the comments.


I also decided to treat myself – merry Christmas to me 🙂 – with a month of unlimited Pure Barre classes. I really enjoyed my first experience a few weeks ago, and I’m excited to make it a regular part of my workout routine. I think this treat will be especially important as it gets colder outside and the motivation to workout is often overcome by the desire to curl up with a blanket, a book and some coffee.

2 thoughts on “Balancing Cookie Eating with At-Home Workouts

  1. Tracy Wineland

    I use the online workouts at I sent you an email about it. You can make a profile so you can hone in on the kind of workouts you like. I am concentrating on core right now so I created a profile for that and I have a plethora of workouts of different types that all concentrate on the core.


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